We purchased you PowerPoint presentation for Active Shooter Response and I found it very informative and ‘on point’. We plan to present it to our entire team on Jan 14 – I know it will help us to be better prepared should we face such a situation. Thank you for your help and leadership.

Randy Duck
New Salem Baptist Church
Huntsville, AL

A member of our church staff came to me wanting advice and opinion on starting up a safety/security team. I’m retired law enforcement and the next thing I knew I was in charge of implementing said team. I was looking for material that would be useful in the implementation of the team and what you have provided is excellent. It contains materials and training specific to my cause. We use it to vet those who apply and use the reporting forms for incidents that occur on the property. The newsletter is also a valuable resource as we use it to better ourselves and get information on what’s happening. I could not be more pleased with the system and the support.

Tim Smith

I am on the security team at my church which runs about 1,000 in attendance for its three Sunday worship services. Recently my church decided to start another church plant in a different part of our city. I was nominated to be the security team leader. I purchased all of the training bundles when a special price was being offered for the set. The information and material provided was/is a tremendous help in getting the team started and trained. Having the materials and resources available to me was invaluable as I was limited in time and knowledge of what was needed. I also highly recommended Kris’ new book as a companion resource with all of the bundles. Everything one needs to know regarding church security is contained in all of these materials.

Andrew Watson

I thank God for Sheepdog Church Security and the resources they provide. The dynamic, comprehensive and affordable instruction that I've received from The Church Safety/Security Volunteer Academy V3 has given me confidence that I'm well-prepared for the task at hand. The material awakened me to several weak points that needed my attention - subtle but significant vulnerabilities that I never would have considered or addressed on my own. Sheepdog Church Security not only alerted me to those problems; they provided me with practical and effective solutions. Blessings,

Pastor Jimmy Bennett
Rozetta Baptist Church
Little York, IL

Thank you, Kris, for your teams efforts. As we are just starting up our safety team I have chosen to use your material as a primary guideline to write our Standard Operating Procedures and give periodic updates to team members. I particularly like the Roll Call [podcast] as it ties into that week’s articles, giving your personal take on these issues.

Doug Over
Team Leader for Peoples Church
Arnold Missouri

Two years ago, our church started to train a Security team. We have used the turn key and active shooter for our training. I found both excellent and easy to use. Will be purchasing more in the future.

Ed Werneke
Retired Police Officer

I had visited the Sheepdog Church Security website multiple times before I wrote my 30+ page proposal to my Church Board, re: Safety & Security Team. Shortly after it was approved, we purchased the entire set of Training Modules. I’ve been reviewing them as I begin training later this month and they are excellent. The modules (PowerPoint files), forms, reports – literally everything in the package is superior to the other training materials that we had considered. Plus, they’re easily customized for our specific needs. I give the Sheepdog Church Security Training Package my highest recommendation!

Lee DeBevoise, Director.
Safety & Security Ministry
Friend Christian Assembly
Friend, NE

I served 27 yrs in the Marine Corps, retired in 92 when church safety was on the rise. Was a member of fairly large church where we started a safety team. Was the safety security director for about 15 yrs as a member then as the facility manager. Went from a few to 80 men involved in the program with some CWP holders.

Sponsored some safety seminars and conducted a few at my church and at some other churches in the area. I have been to seminars in Dallas during a church fact finding visit and Louisville.

I use the information I receive from you and NOCSS to keep my team aware of things going on around the country being informed is as important as training.

I recently signed up again since this church is just getting the safety team in place and your information is easier to use. Plus saves me time.

As we get more established in our own building which we are in the process of purchasing I plan to do more safety classes using ppt that I get from your information.

So, thanks for doing all the work compiling to make my work easier.

Larry Kester
Sergeant Major of Marines Retired
Command Sergeant Major of SC State Guard
Standing for our veterans with the Patriot Guard Riders

We are a very small Church in New Mexico and understand the absolute necessity of an organized Church security protocol. Having searched the web and then personally speaking with Kris regarding our specific needs, he was very informative and helped me with the programs that fit those needs. We are excited to utilize this platform and begin our Church Security program. I am opening the training to all Church members and not just the specific Security Team members. It is my opinion that the more they are informed, the more prepared they will be and we will have less chaos/ panic in the event of any unforeseen encounter. Thank you, Kris, for your dedication to keeping God's flock safe and secure.

Kenneth Arther
Director of Safety and Security
Berrendo Baptist Church
Roswell, NM

As we were starting out Volunteer Academy Policies helped us set up a framework from which we could effectively launch. These policies also helped shed light into the holes we had is our system. Volunteer Academy is a great place to start and well worth every penny you spend on it. It is also worth the investment to help you find those areas that need work. God Bless and Protect you.

R. Barron
Beulah, ND