18 months ago, I was tasked by my Bishop to better organize, train, equip and deploy our Safety and Security team. My search for clarity lead me to a host of professionals from various law enforcement, security agencies and state security regulatory bodies.

I found that there was more information floating around than I could process which added to my growing frustration. I needed someone, or some organization that could provide the framework to streamline my efforts.

I discovered Sheepdog Church Security through a series of Internet searches. After quickly consuming the free materials and using them to inform our Security Ministry I soon found out that there was more.

The Volunteer Academy material was what we needed. There was no reason for me to piece together training resources from a bunch of other sources that did not align. I purchased the academy and dove into the business of learning the material from start to finish.

A few weeks later I began training my team and to my surprise everyone was impressed with the course content. The Sheepdog course materials are well researched, and presented in such a fashion that most of your Church’s security needs can be strategically met.

Brother Moloney has given us the tools that we need to be a well-trained and informed Safety and Security Ministry. I can’t stress how very grateful I am for his time, energy, and dedication to helping other Sheepdogs protect the flock.

Byron Shelton, CPT
Security, Plans and Operations
Hope Fellowship International

My church recently moved to a new building within the same city. It’s prominence in location was near a very busy street, raising concerns about safety and security, especially since there are an associated day care center and K-8 school. I volunteered as a board member to lead the church in the development of a Safety/Security Team, even though I had no experience in that sphere. The Sheepdog Church Security website has been the perfect source for all the tools necessary for this project. It is well organized, complete, and offers abundant materials to facilitate the development of the project. It is biblically based, and offers ample materials in a prepared format which can be modified as desired. I truly consider Kris Moloney/Sheepdog Church Security a blessing, indeed.


My name is Jamie Howell and I am currently the Security Ministry Leader at Cornerstone Baptist Church. My Security Team (seven members including myself) are all volunteers.

I have been updating my church's Security Manual (includes school for preschoolers up to Grade 5) and I'm also developing training material for my Security Ministry team. Prior to coming across your website, I was searching the internet for relevant information to help with updating the Security Manual and developing training material. I recently came across your web site back in November 2017. After a review of your site, I saw potential benefit in gaining useful information from one of your training bundles. In early December 2017, I ordered and downloaded the material for the "Church Safety/Security Volunteer Academy" and was pleasantly surprised with the useful information it provided.

I also recently ordered and yesterday received your new paperback titled "Defending the Flock" and have started reading it. I plan on using this book as a primary reference as I finish updating the Security Manual and continue developing the training material.

Thanks so much for all your efforts in providing valuable information on church security! Your efforts are helping me as a volunteer in a church security leadership position to stay informed, to gather necessary and relevant information, to update my church's security manual and to develop training material for my security ministry team.

Please keep up the good work you are doing to help the sheepdogs defend the sheep from the wolves!

Our church had began a minimal security program. After ​using the Volunteer Academy training program, we are now in full operation with a quality protection program. Our security team has grown, and our congregation is delighted in having a secure place to worship. Our program is also part of our K-12 Christian school.

Dr. Stan Anderson
Carrollton Baptist Temple & Christian Academy

We had a safety team meeting today and I polled the team members, I ask their thoughts about the material, we received from Sheepdog Church Security. Their response was that the material was excellent, and a great help in developing and implementing our safety plan and procedures. We would have been lost without it. Thanks.

Rusty Cox

I was put in charge to establish a security team and procedures for incidents that might occur at my church. I searched the Internet and found Sheepdog Church Security website. The church leadership allowed me to purchase several Sheepdog training bundles and we are in the process of implementing policy and procedures for all types of possible incidents. These training bundles are great and are very useful for our church.

Charles Peck
Karnak Baptist Church

My country church is in a fairly remote location. Help is not only minutes away.....it could be as much as 20 minutes away. We recognized there would likely be a big gap in time between the beginning of an emergency and when help finally arrives on scene. So, we needed to have plans in place to fill this gap. After struggling to create emergency plans on my own, I finally came across Sheepdog Church Security. The Volunteer Academy has been a great resource to get emergency plans implemented fast. While we will continue to tweak our plans as our circumstances change, we would have never made it to this point if not for Sheepdog Church Security. You don't get to pick when emergencies happen.....implement these plans today!

Dan Patterson

We felt led to begin a church Safety Ministry nearly 4 years ago, "Sheepdog" has been an integral part of our organization and training. We appreciate their efforts and have thoroughly enjoyed all training and educational opportunities we have attended.

Shane Duke
Pastor Cross Roads Baptist Church
Grayson, LA

God placed on my heart long ago to be a protector. So, when the subject of church security was addressed by a member who had done it for a mega church locally, I had no reservations. Shortly after the discussion had started in our church, the brother that started it became unable to continue in the leadership role. Our Pastoral staff and board then looked to me to move it forward. From the tactical standpoint, this was no problem for me. However, there is so much more to it that I know we did not consider until we were knee deep into it. Very quickly, we realized we needed help. Ask, and you shall receive! God quickly led us to Sheepdog Church Security where we found many answers and some of the forms we needed. A short time later we purchased the complete bundled package. This has proven to be a massive toolbox at a more than reasonable price. We will continue on a cycled schedule to train and retrain with this program. Sheepdog Church Security has been a blessing to our congregation, we too, are now Sheepdogs!

Eric Dhillon
Security & Safety Director
Sanger Faith Community Church
Sanger, CA

The church I am attending did not have a security team and or any type of security protocols place, I was starting from scratch with just my many years of Law Enforcement experience. When I heard about Sheepdog Church Security I knew this would be a great investment for my church. I purchased on my own the entire program and it has led to being able to implementing a full security protocol and guidelines book. It was as simple as just making changes to adapt this to my church size. In dealing with you [Kris], all my questions have been answered by email or by phone with very little waiting for a response. The updates and eBook in which was just released as promised is also a great reference guide to have and refer back to when making adjustments or trying to explain to Church staff why we have to do it this way. Thank you for a great program it has been extremely helpful to me and my church of about three hundred members. Utilizing the class PowerPoints provided with the program I am about to have our first training for the up and coming first ever security team. I would recommend your program to anyone in need of starting or updating a church security team with or without security experience or training. Thank you and Be safe.

William Timson

We are in the process of establishing a Security Team Ministry at my church. I purchased the security manual and it has and will be a great help in formalizing the team and establishing policies and procedures for this ministry. I would certainly recommend your resources the anyone that is interested in establishing church security.

Ron Teesdale